2023 CMC Conference Speaker Abstracts

“Unmasking the Challenges of Diborane Manufacturing and Supply” – Shivan Ahamparam, Session III

While not new, the use of diborane in semiconductor applications is evolving substantially. It was a niche product, used primarily for doping in CVD/Epi applications, and more recently as a reactant/seed for W metallization, which was a key enabler of 3D NAND structures. More recently, the increasing aspect ratio of these structures, as well as the emergence of new applications including some related to hard masks, have led to the need for finer control of the product and significantly increased volumes respectively.

While diborane is becoming an increasingly critical molecule for several manufacturing processes, it is challenging to manufacture and handle. For example, diborane is a thermally unstable and hazardous molecule and thus supplied in blends to minimize problems with its decomposition into heavier boranes. Second, while H2 is the best balance gas to stabilize it, some processes require blends in an inert gas (N2 or Ar). Thus, every diborane blend is a different product. Third, the demand for tighter product control combined with its unique properties has led to the implementation of very specific manufacturing processes and QC technologies. In this talk we will review those different aspects of manufacturing and delivering diborane reliably.