CMC Fab Members V2V


CMC Fab Members V2V

October 19, 2021 

8:00 am  PST

Please note, the times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Speaker Topic
8am PT Diane Scott, PhD, Director of Business Development / CMC Welcome and Virtual Business Card Exchange & Hot Topic Prep
8:15 am PT Gene Seroka, Executive Director at Port of LA Local and Global Logistics Challenges
8:40 am PT Mike Herring at GF- Director of Supply Chain and Operations Local and Global Logistic Challenges
9:05 am PT Hot Topics Hot Topics
10:05 am PT Guests will arrive at Break time Break (10 min)
10:20 Anthony Biechy and Jeff Rogers Niacet Corporation HCl Supply for US and Europe
10:45 Bruce Lipisko and Lita Shon-Roy TECHCET Group Discussion/US Impact report update
11:30 Adjourn Adjourn

For more information please contact Diane Scott at [email protected]