CMC Fabs F2F @ Micron, Taiwan – Oct. 15 & 16

The Fall 2019 CMC F2F will be happening at Micron Taoyuan, Taiwan

Micron Technology
No. 667, Fuxing 3rd Road, Guishan District
Taoyuan City, Taiwan 333
  • October 15 is for CMC Fabs Members only (at Micron)
  • October 16 will include CMC Fabs and Fab Guests (at Micron)
    • In the afternoon will include CMC Associate (Supplier Members)
  • October 17 is the CMC Seminar at Fullon Hotel A8

Agenda is below:

Tuesday Oct 15th – CMC Members Only
8:00 Coffee and Welcome
8:30 Sub-Supplier Management and Qualification Case Studies 1
10:00 Coffee break
10:15 China Raw Material Supply-chain Case Studies 2
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Live Survey
14:00 Case Studies, continued
15:00 Coffee break
15:15 Single Source Supplier Survey Results 17:00 Private Dinner hosted by Linde

Wednesday Oct 16th – ‘Guest Day’ for Fabs 8:00 Coffee and Welcome
8:30 Materials Supply-Chain Case Studies 3 10:00 Coffee break
10:15 Case Studies, continued
11:00 Anonymous Hot Topics Assess/Discuss 12:00 Lunch
13:00 Supplier presentations
14:30 Coffee break Joint Session – Fabs/Guests & Associate
(supplier) Members
15:00 Joint Session Introductions
15:10 “The Hidden Cost of Supply-chain Disruptions,” presented by L. Shon-Roy, President / CEO, and Dan Tracy, Ph.D. Sr. Director Market Research, TECHCET
15:40 Live Survey
16:10 Break out discussions
16:40 Conclusions presented
17:30 Members-only Networking reception at Fullon HotelA8 Thursday

October 17th – CMC Seminar at Fullon Hotel A8
9:00 to 19:00 CMC Seminar & Evening Reception For Seminar agenda:

CMC F2F Description:

The 2019 private CMC Face to Face (F2F) meeting and CMC Seminar happening October 15-17 will be hosted by Micron-Taiwan and TECHCET. Oct. 15 will be for CMC Fab Members only. Oct. 16 is our “Guest Day,” where in addition to the CMC Fab Members, we will have several invited Guest-Fabs looking at joining the CMC. Guest Day will include Fabs private discussion followed by a Joint Session of both CMC Associates (supplier) members and CMC Fab members and guests.

Keen areas of interest include:

– China Raw Material Supply Chain
– Sub-tier Supplier Management and Qualification
– Materials Value-Chain Challenges
– The Cost of Supply-Chain Disruption
During the 2-day private F2F, the fabs present and discuss case-studies, current and future challenges relating to non-competitive areas of the materials value-chain. The CMC members’ top concerns for this year are managing single-source suppliers, how to qualify sub-tier suppliers, and China’s raw material supply-chain. To enable rapid responses and real-time discussion, the meeting typically includes live surveys on emerging issues. After the event wrap-up there will be a private reception for networking. Following the CMC F2F, the public 2019 CMC Seminar will happen on Oct 17th at the Fullon Hotel A8, in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The seminar provides critical information on materials quality and value-chain issues. Come join us for 3-days of unique and valuable materials focused events.
The CMC is a subscription membership service offered by TECHCET.