CMC Seminar 2019

CMC Seminar 2019 will be held at Fullon Hotel A8 in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Venue Address: 333, Taiwan, Taoyuan City, Guishan District, 復興一路2號3-9 樓
Phone: +886 3 328 5688

All conference attendees have access to presentations per the link given out at the CMC Seminar.

“Navigating the ‘Glocal’ Semiconductor Materials Value-Chain”

Featuring Keynote Speaker:
KC Hsu, VP of Micron Memory Taiwan on "Navigating Global and Local Semiconductor Materials Markets and Supply-Chains"

This year’s Seminar is focused on “Navigating the ‘Glocal’ Semiconductor Materials Value-Chain”, which will highlight market conditions, materials quality & logistics challenges.

The CMC Seminar focuses on the dynamics of local materials supply-chains within global markets. Global Fabs and Suppliers are increasingly challenged in managing material requirements, supply-chains and logistics across many regions. "The CMC Seminar is one of the best forums to get information on the materials value-chain.”

Attendees will gain insights on challenges associated with global supply-chains and materials markets, local government initiatives, and globalization trends which support the rapidly growing supply-chain within Greater China and Asia at large. Attendees have the opportunity to network with CMC Fab members who had just finished their private face-to-face meetings held earlier that week.

Who should attend?

  • I. Semiconductor device fabricators

  • II. Materials and equipment suppliers

  • III. Financial advisors, with an interest in
    semiconductor process materials markets.
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