Keynote Presentationby Hans Stork, Sr. VP of Technology & CTO of ON Semiconductor

“Materials Enabling the Future of Semiconductor Processes”

In addition to panel discussions, presentation sessions will focus on the following:

Agenda Updated Weekly (Subject to Change – More Speakers Added Weekly)

I. Global Issues & Supply-Chain Challenges (starts at 8:30am)
Keynote: ON Semiconductor – Hans Stork, Sr. VP / CTO Materials Challenges & the Future of Semiconductor Manufacturing
KPMG – Scott Jones, Managing Director, Strategy The Future of M&A and Global Electronics Market
VLSI Research – Risto Puhakka, President OEM Markets and Materials Trends
Zing Semi. – Richard Chang, Founder and CEO 300mm wafer production in China meeting demand
Linde – Jack Faught, Head of Isotope Products Applications and Recovery of Rare Gases
Washington D.C. Expert, Partner (confirmed) Changing Regulatory Issues
TECHCET – Lita Shon-Roy – President/CEO Materials supply chains Global Issues and Concerns
II. Immediate Challenges of Materials & Manufacturing
Micron –  Demi Fisher, Director of Sustainability (confirming) Materials & Sustainability
Samsung – Michael Wedlake, Principal Engineer (confirming) Materials and Manufacturing Challenges for Post CMP Cleaning
Cypress – Pete Beckage, Sr. Principal Mfg Engr. And HighQ – Scott Ray, President / CEO CMP Slurry Recycling & Reuse Challenges and Strategies
Alkane – Alister MacDonald, General Manager Critical Supply Chains of Hf and Zr
Umicore – Oliver Briel, Ph.D., Director Global Business Electronics Creating a Robust and Sustainable supply chain for High Volume Cobalt Precursors
CoorsTek – Richard Hengst, Product Manager CVD Silicon Carbide Material Current and Future Challenges & Requirements
TECHCET / Elcon – Tim Dyer, Sr. Technology Analyst / VP & GM Supply Chain Issues and Changing Market Dynamics for Ceramic Consumables
The Not-So-Usual Round Table & Microbrew Discussion
III. Emerging Materials Challenges: leading edge today
IBM – Eric Joseph,  Senior Manager and Research Staff Member Advanced Material Challenges for Etch
TECHCET – Jonas Sundqvist, Sr. Analyst ALD precursors supply-chains for memory
TEL – Rob Clark, Sr. Technical Staff Member ALE: Materials & Process Challenges
Brewer Science – Darron Juradja, Semiconductor Business Unit Director DSA material R&D with Extraordinary Batch control
Intel – Vani Thirumala, Sr. Materials Engineer Metrology Challenges in Controlling Advanced Materials
Panel Discussion & Wrap Up