2024 CMC Seminar

2024 Critical Materials Council (CMC) Seminar
“Building Supply Chain Resilience with
High-Quality Semiconductor Materials”

Grand Hotel Baia Verde
October 22-23, 2024 in Catania/Sicily, Italy
Private CMC Joint Session on Oct. 22 – More info here

Chip fabricators and suppliers around the world are increasingly challenged by managing material supply chains, especially in the sub-tier. “The CMC Seminar is one of the best forums to get information on the materials value-chain.” 

The CMC Seminar focuses on the dynamics of local & global materials supply-chains, including supply chain dependencies, quality, and metrology.  Attendees will gain insights into challenges associated with global supply-chains and materials markets, local government initiatives, and reverse-globalization trends in addition to quality and metrology hurdles that must be overcome to support future semiconductor chip expansions. Attendees have the opportunity to network with CMC Fab members who will have just finished their private meetings held earlier that week at STMicro.

Who should attend: semiconductor device fabricators, materials and equipment suppliers, and financial advisors, with an interest in semiconductor process materials markets.

Featuring 3 Impactful Sessions:

1. Global Industry Trends
2. Supply Chain Challenges
3. Quality and Metrology Challenges