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Members have exclusive access to:

  • Quarterly Updates on Critical Materials
  • CMC Meetings and Seminar output information via our Members Only Portal
  • Urgent and Important Analyst News Alerts

General Council Ground Rules:

  • Councils are ‘participation-based’, willingness to contribute is expected.
  • Councils use ‘Give to Get’ for member shares and surveys. ‘Give to Get’ means a company has to provide data in order to see and receive other member’s data.
  • Participation in surveys and presentations are highly encouraged.
  • Member presentations and survey materials provided are expected to be in detail and quality consistent with the Council’s expectations.
  • Format of survey results can be anonymous, ‘double blind’, or with company identities revealed as decided by the Council.
  • In addition to face-to-face meeting events, teleconferences or Web based planning sessions will be used to organize and identify Council activities and schedules; participation is encouraged.
  • The Web based participation option will be available for each Council meeting unless otherwise stated.
    Councils will make reasonable efforts to accommodate different time zones and schedules for teleconferences or Web based.
  • Councils decide activities by consensus, or if necessary by majority vote.
  • All Council activities comply with TECHCET confidentiality obligations.
  • All meetings will be conducted in English, unless specified by the Council.

To join, please contact [email protected].

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