CMC Conference 2022

7th Annual CMC Conference - April 28-29, 2022

Crowne Plaza Resort Phoenix | Chandler, AZ

"Mission Critical Materials Keeping Pace with Chip Supply & Demand"

Keynote Speaker:

John Whitman, Corporate Vice President, Operations Central Teams and Procurement, Micron Technology

The Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference is a 2-day event providing actionable information on materials and supply-chains for current and future semiconductor manufacturing. Unlike other conferences, the CMC conference focuses on issues relating to the use and manufacturing of materials as applied to semiconductor and related device manufacturing. This includes business AND technology trends and challenges.


Please submit your 1-page abstract to Jonas Sundqvist by clicking here. Deadline is  January 10, 2022.

This year we will continue supporting a 4th session on Advanced Packaging Materials, as pointed out by Session Chairman Jim Hannah, Product Development and Applications Manager of SEH, “As system level performance scaling leans more and more on the packaging, we see the lines starting to blur between packaging and the backend wiring on-chip. We need the CMC Conference to cover current challenges AND future needs with regard to packaging materials. No other conference does this!” We will highlight the growing interest in materials that are shared and critical to both the interconnect area as well as the packaging areas.

The Conference is organized into four sessions. 

Four Impactful Presentation Sessions will cover: 
I. Global Issues & Trends Impacting Materials 
II. Immediate Challenges of Materials and Manufacturing
III.Current Challenges & Future Needs for Consumable Equipment Components 
IV. Emerging Materials in R&D and Pilot Fabrication
V.  Heterogenous Integration& Advanced Packaging Materials

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